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Not just our name... it's our mission!

This company was started by a "User" who was growing increasingly frustrated with software.

The further down the "Rabbit Hole" I go, the more I'm convinced we're building on a house of cards.
Layer upon layer upon layer of programs, each relying on the one before. Getting further and further from the machine so programming is "easier" to teach.

The more I learn, the more I'm convinced that we must get back to basics and teach programming students basic machine language.
Those who have gone before us have this knowledge and don't understand why students are having a hard time learning programming now,
since they've made it so much easier for them...

This is like learning to read without knowing the alphabet.
We're expected to put together "words" that someone else has written, and to make something wonderful.


They say that 75% of the students that begin Computer Science classes, drop.
I'm still hanging in there, still feel like I'm being "Vetted"... but I'm stubborn!
I WILL create a widget or two that will bring me "mail-box" money!
AND it will "Simply Work"!

Fresh start, learning Python because it's open source, cross platform and can be used for desktop, web and mobile apps. Wish me luck!
Python Tools Visual Studio